Our Portfolio of Services

For reliability and commitment to quality service. Call Synergy for all your shipping requirements.

Logistics Solutions

With company-owned tractors and over 4,000 capacity providers, Synergy can commit to dedicated, year-round service. As our focus is growth within the industry, we are determined to find solutions specifically tailored to meet or exceed your highest expectations. 

We also offer load-brokerage services. Our load brokering and outside procurement departments are an essential tool in creating and maintaining high quality business relationships. This network of reliable carriers and owner/operators is at your disposal when you choose us. All carriers are screened based on their consistent capacity to perform up to our standards and share our core values of safety, performance and customer service. All our solutions are aimed at providing you with peace of mind and confidence that your freight is in expert hands.


Truly multi-modal means we can ship your freight over-the-road, via air or via rail. This flexibility affords us an increased transport capacity, more options for our customers to choose from and increased oversight of all freight movements from pick-up to delivery.

World-Class Customer Service

This is where you see the difference… All our employees are fully trained and committed to finding solutions to the most demanding logistics challenges. “World-Class” means our standard is a global benchmark of excellence. With Synergy, you can always expect the highest level of courtesy, professionalism and performance.

All of our ever-expanding portfolio of services include:

  • Pre-engagement freight analysis across all major modes of transportation.
  • Rate negotiation (Both contractually and market-rate-based).
  • Shipment execution and real-time GPS tracking system.
  • Procurement of inside and outside transportation services.
  • Design and management of inbound freight programs.
  • Executive dashboard presentations and detailed shipment reports.
  • Carrier management, reporting and compliance.
  • Canada/USA bonded transportation services.
  • Freight bill audit and payment.
  • Claims processing and refund management systems to solve any problems that may arise.

If you need help with any aspect of logistics and transportation, please contact us to learn more about our services.

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