Trucking and Logistics


Our mission is to provide all of our clients and business partners with our brand of “world-class” customer service.

We strive to maintain a high level of performance and to complete every single load or service provided to you in a safe, quick and accurate manner for an all around exceptional experience at every level of your dealings with us.

About Us

Strategically based in Vancouver, British Columbia with satellite offices located across North America; Synergy provides multi-modal freight transportation services and logistics solutions with a focus on customer service.

Our over-the-road fleet is specialized in expedited, time sensitive and temperature controlled shipments. Our services include: carrier management, intermodal transportation services, brokerage, freight management, logistics planning and cost analysis.


Our vision is to successfully continue serving our existing client base while exapnding our reach to serve customers in new markets. 

For the last 15 years, Synergy has continually expanded its operations to reach markets in Canada, The United States and Mexico. We believe that through consistent high-performance and exceptional customer service we can continue our upward trend.

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